"I wanted the music for Davola to be centered around these parameters, It had to be super heavy and intense, rhythmically forward thinking and musically ambitious yet having hooks, attention to song structure and not shying away from melody.  It's a color to paint with if it calls for it.  Ultimately the underlying theme of the music is coming from an extremist mindset so there's an element of insanity which is really just an extension of my personality if I’m being honest.  What I’m really pushing for is innovation even if it’s to my ears only.  Something I’ve never heard in the genre.  That's my main goal artistically and although I'm still finding my way, I feel I've achieved that in certain moments on this album.  I’m not trying to be the most extreme metal band out there, just the most honest in my intensity and intent.”   -Aaron Cloutier-

The brainchild of lone independent musician Aaron Cloutier, Davola is an extreme metal assault on the senses while pushing the limits of what can be done creatively in the metal world.  Think Strapping Young Lad meets Faith No More with a healthy dose of attention to dynamic song form and composition.


Brutal, uncompromising, melodic, exotic and all around eclectic, the music created by Aaron is the product of a man clearly suffering from a musical identity crisis who seemingly refuses to settle on any one specific style.......most likely stemming from a fear of commitment.


With a world of influences thrown in the mix ranging from the fury and intensity of SLAYER, SLIPKNOT and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, to the meticulous polyrhythms and odd time signatures of Sweden's MESHUGGAH, it is difficult at times to confine the music into one genre alone.  


There's is an ethereal melodic element as well with twin guitar harmonies, sparse clean signing and massive chords sandwiched between the more technical and machine gun like riffs a la LAMB OF GOD and FEAR FACTORY.


Toss in a harmonic minor, middle eastern vibe and you've got one confusing style to label.  Is it death metal?  Is it thrash? is it progressive? and what's going on with all the acoustic elements?


Despite what would seem like nothing more than an exercise in musical excess, there is method to the madness.  The chaos is meticulously controlled, subdued and packed into tight, comprehensive heavy as hell anthems that serve to take the listener on a journey.  This is extreme metal from a composer's perspective with attention to song craft and  dare I say.... a pop sensibility. (THERE'S NO POP IN METAL!!!......or is there?)