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Send me your songs and I will track Vocals at my home studio.

Can provide singing as well as screaming vocals in a variety of styles
You will get pre-mixed high-quality WAV files. No compression or EQ.
$50 per minute (e.g. $150 for a 3-min song)


"We contracted Aaron Cloutier to record vocals from the track "The Devil's Advocate" from the album "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" by Christopher Lee.  The professionalism, efficiency, and creativity exceeded all our expectations. He possesses a wide vocal range and he is very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to introducing his own ideas. He sings every word with genuine emotion, whether that is sarcasm what is needed, laughter or aggression. One of the great advantages in working with Aaron is that he also understands the production process, so apart from recording, he delivers the project exactly how you asked. He works fast and keeps you updated at every stage of recording."


-J. Aneiros-

Charlemagne Productions Ltd



“Aaron has provided vocals for both originals and covers.  I am very impressed with his diversity in his vocal style and he really took the time to make my originals suited to my needs, consulting where required.  I aim to utilize his services on my next originals albums.  He also sang on a Faith No More cover of "Midlife Crisis" which was just as good as the original, his voice sounding very much like Mike Patton!”


-Luke Lakeman-

Musician, songwriter, keyboardist



“As an electronic music producer, I spend a big part of my time listening and researching.  For inspiration, something new or searching for a good singer to give the good punch to my productions In my search for someone who could make me some massive powerful vocals for my new release, I found Aaron Cloutier during one of those endless nights.  Several hours of research (I'm not an easily satisfied guy) and Boom! here he is, 3 demo tracks of this guy from the USA, that totally rocks!  I was looking for some raw deep voices, exactly like his demo and.. omg finally someone who does not have a strange European accent!  I sent Aaron the first e-mail to understand how it could work in professional terms, we immediately matched and that's how we started our collaboration!  I find him one of the most professional vocal sound designers I ever worked with.  Aaron provides me every time with really good quality vocal recordings and most important, several takes in several tones with several vibes. That's exactly what I need to create a good vocal line!  It was not easy to find someone like Aaron but I will surely work with him in the future.”



-Fulvio Stramaccioni- (AKA DJ WISHMASTER)

Producer, DJ, CEO at Disobey Records



Same rates as vocals



“Aaron played for me guitar solos on two rock songs. He really took care of my specifications concerning the structure and mood of the pieces. He delivered a nearly perfect performance. And nearly perfect is nothing negative in this case because some little imperfections gave the performance the human touch that I wanted.  The communication with Aaron was easy, friendly and fast.  I recommend him for guitar jobs in the field of rock.”


-Jochen Lehnert-

Musician, Songwriter, Composer



“I highly recommend Aaron as a guitarist for hire. It was less than a week from the time he contacted me about playing on my song until I have the finished wave files in my DAW. His communications are polite and fast and he started sending me the guitar takes the first day we made our agreement. The finished guitar part sounds great, fits the song, and matches my specifications for file type and playing style. Overall great transaction, 5 stars.”


-Casey Reardon- 

Guitarist, Songwriter: Hellstrom, 




"Aaron's riffs are heavier than Godzilla's d#$%."


-Xavier Seaward-

Musician, Vocalist





Anywhere from editing to mixing to writing. (Drums or Keyboards/Synth)
I can take your drum MIDI and run it through Toontrack high-quality samples. No additional editing or processing – $25 per song


Have no knowledge of drums? I can write your drum parts for you – $30 per minute of drumming.


Via Skype, I can help critique your playing/technique, give personalized tips to get your chops up, offer songwriting consultation and creative concepts as well as provide you with some useful theory.


$30 for a 30-minute session, or $55/hr