CEDAR GROVE, NJ: April 3, 2018. After nine years of silence since its debut, experimental metal outfit Davola returns with the highly anticipated sophomore release "Inherent.”  A passionate, eclectic and often eccentric offering that serves as a testament to perseverance and introspection but above all, an observation of the chaotic patterns of the ego versus the self.  Founded by (composer, vocalist, guitarist) Aaron Cloutier, Davola's music is a brutal yet surprisingly beautiful soundtrack to the inherent chaos.


Cloutier combines his influences drawing from contemporaries in the Metal genre such as Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Pantera, Slayer, along with old school Floridian death metal staples the likes of Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse as is evident on Davola’s 2009 debut Dichotomy.  This time around however Cloutier delves deeper into his writing process both musically and emotionally and lets the other side of the influence spectrum to show with more alternative, rock and avant-garde elements in the vein of Mr Bungle, Faith No More, Secret Chiefs 3, Alice In Chains, Devin Townsend, Mattias "IA" Eklundh and Freak Kitchen in addition to all the extreme acts previously listed.  The addition of these “outside” influences provide different shades to the pallet, added to Cloutier’s very own sense of aesthetics, resulting in a record that is rhythmically and musically forward thinking while still leaving a foot in the door of traditional songwriting.


"I wanted the music for Davola to be centered around these parameters,” says Aaron Cloutier of Davola.  Adding: “It had to be super heavy and intense, rhythmically and musically ambitious yet having hooks, attention to song structure and not shying away from melody.  It's a color to paint with if it calls for it.  Ultimately the underlying theme of the music is coming from an extremist mindset so there's an element of insanity which is really just an extension of my personality if I’m being honest.  I'm pushing for innovation: something I've never heard before. What I’m really pushing for is innovation even if it’s to my ears only.  Something I’ve never heard in the genre.  That's my main goal artistically and although I'm still finding my way, I feel I've achieved that in certain moments on this album.  I’m not trying to be the most extreme metal band out there, just the most honest in my intensity and intent.”  


The album is multifaceted - the song "Chains" is a culmination of all of the aforementioned elements and best represents Davola’s sound at it’s most realized.  It is crushingly heavy but also very soulful and emotive.  "Fatal Memories" or "I am He" draw from an extremely dark perspective which the tone of the music certainly represents in the blast beats, down tuned riffs and guttural vocals whereas a song like "Patience in Pain" is a radical departure both in tempo and temperament, much slower and heavier - almost brooding and subtle yet menacing as it incorporates an ominous melody to create a hypnotic atmospheric vibe. 


“Inherent” shines a light on the topic of introspection and observation.  Recognizing the patterns of unconsciousness that we experience day to day and the effort to separate one's thoughts from one's identification with one's thoughts.  "Inherent" acknowledges the dark and light sides of the human psyche addressing themes of isolation, anxiety, depression, abuse, loneliness and comes out on the other side finding glimmers of the truth lying beneath.  Love, hope, perseverance, purpose.  All wrapped up in a framework that like the album's predecessor is equal parts psychosis and color.


"Inherent" is available now on ITunes, CD Baby, and more.  A lyric video for the first single "Chains" is out via youtube.  Tour dates are upcoming.

Davola is a One-Man Metal Band  
By Jay DiNitto January 26, 2010

One listen to Davola‘s Between the Buried and Me-meets-Strapping Young Lad galloping horse-style aggression on their debut EP, ‘Dichotomy’ and you might be wondering why you’ve never seen them on any tours. It might be because they are a new band, but it’s more likely because Davola is not a ‘they,’ but a ‘he.’ The ‘he’ is Aaron Cloutier.

Cloutier began his career languishing in New Hampshire, where there weren’t as many resources for a metal musician to draw upon. Most of what came of the collaborations proved to be unsatisfying. “I just felt like I wasn’t doing the kind of music that I wanted to be doing,” Cloutier told Noisecreep. “I had been dabbling with writing songs for years, but truth be told, they were more or less song ‘fragments’ and nothing substantial ever came out of them.”

After indulging in a period of “alone time” — some of which was spent overseas in Italy — Cloutier began piecing those fragments together and purchased a digital recorder to formally document his solitary songwriting.

Cloutier didn’t bother organizing a full-on band to assist in either the songwriting or the recording process. “I guess the main reason and motivation for doing everything myself was that I had all these ideas and had a clear vision of how I wanted the songs to be,” Cloutier admitted. “There is always compromise with a band, and at that time, I felt it kind of stifled my creativity to be honest. With Davola, the only person I had to please was me, and I felt that I needed to experience recording from every players perspective. It has most definitely been an education for me on so many levels as anyone who does it alone knows that there are many ‘hats’ to wear.”

Listeners will notice a mix of different genres tossed into Cloutier’s heavy, faced-paced grooves. “I basically just make the kind of music I want to hear,” Cloutier said. “I listen to a wide variety of music and get bored with just one thing all the time, and my goal as a songwriter is to never do the same song twice. The only real limits I put on the songs is that when they’re heavy, they have to be as brutal and extreme as they are catchy.”

Davola have released ‘Dichotomy’ — mixed and mastered by Cristian and Laz from Ill Nino — over iTunes, and the recording has already gotten airplay on internet radio. “The response has been amazing,” Cloutier said. “I’m getting great feedback from fans, and a few songs are being played by a good number of podcasters, so I’m just focusing on getting the word out to as many people as possible.”

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