Cover Art For Upcoming “Remnants” (pt 1) EP

Drawing by Claudia Cubo

I get so stoked whenever I look at this drawing. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

In fact, I haven’t looked at it since I shared it with the beloved members of the mailing list back…wow a few months ago at this point.

Once again, the artwork was masterfully done by the incredible Claudia Cubo and was loosely based on an old image of a three headed Lucifer as depicted in Dante Aligheri’s “Inferno” as part of the Divine Comedy trilogy. (I need to finish it one of these days.)

Here's the original

El infierno de Dante

Una breve descripción del infierno de La Divina Comedia de Dante Alighieri

Escrito por: Nicole Huerta Torres

Estudiante de 50 de secundaria

I.E.P. Virgen de Fátima Milagrosa

Here's the end result by the way...

Artwork by Claudia Cubo

As you can see, this depiction only has one head.

🤷‍♂️…Only NEEDS one head though. I mean, look at the thing!

Now, I’m not a subscriber to any religion so to anyone out there who thinks I’m some kind of Satanist for endorsing this cover, please just relax. I am not affiliated with any kind of religious upper management.

It’s all stories to me on both ends as fascinating as they all are.

The original image this drawing was based on is just so striking and arresting that it stops me in my tracks every time I look at it.

I mean in all honesty, it freaks me out ha ha. It seemed only fitting to have it represent the new music.

Basically, I remember describing the direction of the EP and how the title suggests a theme of recognizing one’s past and addressing the “residue” left by old demons in an effort to move forward and I feel like Claudia brought up doing a take on Lucifer.

There’s so much awesome symbolism surrounding the character of Lucifer. Everything from his name being “The bringer of Light” and how it’s been interpreted as being the light of knowledge to the story of him being cast out etc etc.

Plus it’s pretty metal. There’s always that.

Anyway, it goes without saying that Claudia absolutely knocked it out of the park as per usual. Be sure to give her a follow and support her work here.

This subject of addressing old demons ties in not only in a thematic way but a musical one as I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m working on another full-length album. This one in particular is taking on a direction that I wasn’t expecting and am very excited about. I feel though that in order to fully delve into album number 3 and the process required in a way that is authentically me, I have to get these two EPs out of my system. I need to clear the mental and spiritual cache if you will in order to explore this new exciting terrain as honestly as I can.

The thing with the Davola project is that it’s a deeply personal exploration of as well as an outlet for the darker sides of my personality. I used to think that having a dark side was something to fear and hide away for fear of not being understood, accepted, loved etc. It was a long journey (one that I’m still on) of learning to accept and even appreciate those darker sides because they’re a part of me. Now I’m not saying that one should indulge in one’s dark side in a way that’s going to hurt themselves or others. Absolutely not. What I’m saying is to just recognize, accept, and ultimately remember that we as a species are flawed by nature. No matter how “perfect” anyone tries to be, we will never be that. We will NEVER be perfect and it’s such a powerful teacher if you allow it to be. Recognizing that you’ve made mistakes and ultimately learn and grow from them. As long as we strive to do better, I think that’s all that matters.

Anyway, this was on my mind and I thought I’d say it.

Oh yeah! Happy Easter by the way! Ha ha. Wow.....I guess my timing is impeccable.

New EP “Remnants” out May 11

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