Davola is featured on the "Last Band Standing" Spotify Playlist

Hello dear reader,

Last week I had sent out an email to my fans with the intention of having a discussion on the topic of streaming. I had mentioned that I'm a grumpy old schooler and didn't stream much as I am a child of the era of the CD (And what a glorious, foot of the bed sitting, liner note reading time it was.)

I've had many opinions about streaming since it's inception but ultimately, I'm come to an understanding that it's changed the way people consume music indefinitely and if it serves as a way for someone to discover what I do and find value in it, then I'm grateful.

On that note, I'm equally grateful to announce that over the weekend, I was notified by the guys at Band Academy that Davola has been officially featured as part of the "Last Band Standing" Spotify Playlist.

The playlist is curated by Joey Sturgis and Tyler Smyth. And while I admit, I wasn’t familiar with Tyler’s work (He’s the vocalist for Dangerkids) I have been following Joey’s stuff for many years now. To those who don’t know, Joey is a producer/engineer based out of Indiana who’s worked with Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans, Blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada, etc. A man whose brain and work ethic I greatly admire so this is a big honor for me in many ways.  It's both very humbling and exciting and am super grateful to be able to have a wider reach to those who support what I do.  

To check out the playlist, click the link below. The playlist is MASSIVE so you'll be sure to discover a ton of cool new bands. I'm somewhere towards the bottom of the list but be sure to take a listen to everyone.

Thanks for reading!

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