The Story Behind "Iphigene's Walk"

Hey there friend.

Hope you’re doing well. Hope the holiday brought some amount of relief to you and yours. I wound up staying busy during the week and just added a few new additions to the Bandcamp store including the raw multitrack from the “Iphigene’s Walk” mix session.

I’m reliving a lot of really fond memories listening back to this right now. It was one of the last tracks to be written for Inherent and came together during a period where I was living on the upper west side of New York so I was right next to Central Park. I remember waking up, hitting the coffee button, and then sitting down to write for a couple of hours. When I felt that my body was screaming at me to move, I’d power down and head out to the park which if you haven’t been to, is MASSIVE. I remember getting lost in this super cool area in the park called “The Bramble” which is very woodsy. Y’know, very winding and meandering.

Oh, and it just so happens to be hiding a castle inside of it. There’s that.

And yeah that would be my morning routine for a while. I’d write, bounce it to the phone and take it for a walk to listen to what I had in different environments. The music without a doubt picked up on the forest vibe from the park. I’d walk around and listen to parts I had recorded on repeat and just get lost in my own little world which subsequently help write the rest of the tune.

The name was taken from a specific path in the bramble. I was wandering around one morning and took a turn that I apparently hadn’t before. (I personally feel that it’s easy to get lost in the bramble but I’m always listening to music while walking around so I’m kind of not paying attention most of the time.)

Anyway, I wound up seeing this sign that said “Iphigene’s Walk” on it. I admit, I knew nothing about who Iphigene was or any historical significance of the pathway but the name hooked me. So I decided to give this song that name as a way of dedicating the inspiration this place gave me to make the song. Listening to this song to me is the equivalent of drinking an old fashioned. Kind of smoky with some bitters going on but not too harsh.

Seemed like a good opener to prepare the listener for a bumpy road.

If you haven’t heard it, feel free to check out the song here.

And if you're an aspiring mix engineer looking to get some raw multi-tracks to play around with, feel free to head here.

I'm playing catch up over here so everything will be uploaded to this store as well very soon.

Thanks for reading!


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