The Story Behind "Upon Our Descent"

Artwork by Claudia Cubo

Tomorrow I will be releasing the first piece of musical output since the Inherent album back in 2018.

What can I say about "Upon Our Descent"?

It's just another song on the pile of songs I've been writing over the years.

And yet, it's a special one to me for many reasons.

Musically, it's different from anything I've done for the Davola project before but retains some of the defining characteristics from the previous release. I think of the more colorful songs from that album like "Chains" and "F.W.I.W" and even older songs like "One Second of Clarity" and I begin to see parallels being drawn. I'm starting to see a sound of its own beginning to crystalize.

It's interesting because the 2 EP series that is soon to follow explores this newer direction while acknowledging the hyperactive ultra kinetic metal shown in songs like "Chaos Inherent" and "I of the Obscene". In fact, the whole reason I'm releasing 2 separate EP's instead of a full album is that there is a third completely separate album I've been chipping away at aside from this first single and the upcoming EP's

It's something that I'm really excited about and yet, I feel like I can't move on with this third album's musical future and the direction it demands until I address the past. These 2 EP's in a sense, are something I need to get out of my system before I can allow myself to pursue this new direction that the music is taking me. It's funny because, with each step towards completion of these upcoming projects, the more new creative ideas start to come in a special compartmentalized way.

Anyway, let's get back to "Upon Our Descent"

The song was written back in 2016. I believe it was right before Trump took office and as history has shown, there was and unfortunately still is a seemingly large divide going on in the U.S. Though one could look at "Descent" as a political song, that wasn't the intention. Like any songs I've written for Davola, "Descent" is meant to serve as a collection of observations. The overall message here being a plea to choose compassion and empathy over the blind and fear-based ignorance. We all have different opinions but we need to learn to discipline ourselves to ask questions instead of reacting first. Something I'm still learning myself as we all have our own particular buttons that once pushed, set us off easier than anything else. I get that. The problem is that with our current age of information vs misinformation, fake news, compulsive cell phone use, and social media, we're being trained to be hyper-stimulated, addicted, and more reactive than ever. And of course, it goes without saying that all of this is being exacerbated by the current pandemic. All these feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, loneliness, the need to connect are now put in a pressure cooker called quarantine and sprinkled with the dopamine dump you get from your likes on Facebook and Instagram to keep you on the hamster wheel. Not preaching by the way. I'm definitely one of these hamsters.

So what have I learned so far from all of this?

Listen first. Ask questions in the place of reacting. Discipline yourself to approach each encounter with a sense of empathy. Maybe you've been where the other guy is right now in their life. Maybe you haven't but maybe you can find something to appreciate from his story to help you understand. If someone has a different opinion than you. Get curious!

Again, this is the overall message of the song but wrapped up in the perspective of let's say one of the many photographers I've seen on the frontlines of the current protests in my feeds.

As I said, the song was written back in 2016, and sadly, the subject matter is still relevant today in 2020. However, the fact there IS a divide and not a see of compliant citizens gives me hope that there's plenty of fight left in this country. It's inspiring to see the younger generation taking action and standing up for what they believe in against those who would use their position of power to oppress others. I am hopeful that the hateful voices that have been uprooted will come to see that they are outnumbered by those who choose love over fear.

This song is not about politics, this song is about humanity.

We cannot lose the progress we've made in this country and at the same time, we still have so much to learn. We have so much further to go. I include myself in this category. The more I listen to those whose background is different from mine, the more I realize I need to keep listening.

It's funny. I didn't think I would release this song. I thought it was too different. And yet, what with everything going on with the pandemic, the lack of discourse in the political world, all the chaos surrounding the very valid Black Lives Matter movement. I felt helpless. I donated what I could to various organizations here and there but there was only so much I could do on my own. That's why all proceeds of sales for "Upon Our Descent" will go straight to the ACLU. To purchase this single, please head here.

Thanks for reading.


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