"Upon Our Descent" Studio Update

October 23, 2019 10:50 AM

Been up since about 5:45. I’ve been waking up at that time since getting back from Barcelona on Sunday. The shift in sleep schedule has been yielding some positive results though in the productivity department. (Shout out to Jet lag!)

Since arriving back in the states I’ve buried myself in projects once again. Some paid, some my own. Following a strict schedule of not showering, not working out and barely eating (........Oh wait, I mean probably eating more…) I’ve been capitalizing on the lack of distractions (Work, Family etc) and making considerable progress. It’s day three and I’m looking pretty gnarly.

Work commenced two weeks ago on the re-tracking of instruments for the song “Upon Our Descent”. A particularly colorful tune that I almost feel reluctant about releasing publicly. Not due to the quality of the song because I think it’s great but more because it’s such a departure musically. Yes, it still has all the heavy elements retained from my previous work but it’s in a box all it’s own. I suppose that’s why I’m releasing it as a single. It was the only way I could justify it. It just doesn’t seem to play well with the other songs I’m writing in that it stands on its own.

"What's so different about it Aaron?"

Oh, thank you for asking! Well...

For starters, it's probably the most consonant thing I’ve written musically. The initial chords that came out when first writing was almost generic sounding to me but it just worked. The challenge then was to expand on the ideas and dress up the riffs so they weren’t all just power chords. The whole thing actually started from this one little finger tapped melody on the guitar so it was melody first, chords second. I suppose that’s why it sounds so different. The chorus is something I never thought I would write but now love because its so different from what I’ve done in the past. It’s got a tribal Gojira vibe but …….I don’t know what to call this actually but it’s the perfect song to have Cristian (Ill Nino) be a part of.

As I said, I’m knee-deep in the recording process for this one. It’s day three and I’m the epitome of a hot mess but man it feels great to be able to drop everything finally and just focus on one thing until it is done. I feel like I’ve been having to juggle many things at once every given day so this feels like a work vacation for me. It’s been awesome. So far, the rhythm guitars and bass are re-tracked. I need to go back in and do some quality control but I’m gearing up to track vocals starting tomorrow. I’m hoping to get everything finished by Friday afternoon.

Until then, thanks for reading!


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