Official guitar tablature and sheet music of the song "Chains" from the "Inherent" album from Davola


- Benefits of learning to play Chains -


- Improve your chord vocabulary by learning the suspended 2nd, #5, and add 11 chords located within the song. 


- Discover effective alternatives to standard power chords by learning how to use inverted third dyads, and major 7th chords using a shell voicings.



- Improve your down picking endurance (by mastering the verse riff)



- Improve your tremolo picking (by mastering the chorus and bridge sections)



- Explore a traditional pop song structure (Chorus, Verse, Bridge) and observe how to find opportunities to expand upon it to create more complex  song structures.



- Adopt new perspectives on songwriting that you can implement into your own music


- Features - 


15 page full song transcription available in downloadable Guitar Pro ( GP, GPX*, GP5** ) as well as downloadable and printable PDF formats


* must have Guitar Pro 7 software to run 

** must have Guitar Pro 7 or Guitar Pro 5 software to run

Tuning: Seven string guitar (B-E-A-D-G-B-E)


Bass tab included


Also included with your purchase is a link to receive a free download of the song "Chains" for you to practice along to. (Find the link at the bottom of the Guitar or Bass tab PDF)

"Chains" Guitar Tablature/Sheet Music