Official guitar tablature and sheet music of the song "Chains" from the "Inherent" album from Davola


15 page full song transcription available in downloadable Guitar Pro ( GP, GPX*, GP5** ) as well as downloadable and printable PDF formats


* must have Guitar Pro 7 software to run 

** must have Guitar Pro 7 or Guitar Pro 5 software to run

Tuning: Seven string guitar (B-E-A-D-G-B-E)


Bass tab included


Also included with your purchase is a link to receive a free download of the song "Chains" for you to practice along to. (Find the link at the bottom of the Guitar or Bass tab PDF)



Benefits of learning to play Chains


Improve your chord vocabulary by learning the suspended 2nd chords, #5 and add 11 chords found throughout the song. These shapes as well as implementing the use of inverted thirds, major 7th’s (with a shell voicing) can be effective alternatives to standard power chords



Improve your down picking endurance (by mastering the verse riff)



Improve your tremolo picking (by mastering the chorus and bridge sections)



Exploration of complex song structure



Ultimately (And hopefully) you’ll pick up some ideas that you can implement into your own songwriting.







"Chains" Guitar Tablature/Sheet Music