Official guitar tablature and sheet music of the song "I of the Obscene" from the "Dichotomy" album from Davola


Benefits of learning to play I of the Obscene


- Learn how to implement syncopation into your rhythm playing by learning the "main" riff 


- Improve your rhythm endurance by implimenting downpicking during the verse riff


- Explore a traditional pop song structure in a metal context and learn how to work within the boundaries to create interesting transitions between sections.


- Adopt new perspectives on songwriting that you can implement into your own music


- Features -


24 page full song transcription available in downloadable Guitar Pro ( GP, GPX*, GP5**) as well as downloadable and printable PDF formats


* must have Guitar Pro 7 software to run 


** must have Guitar Pro 7 or Guitar Pro 5 software to run



Tuning: Drop D then tune down a half step (C#-G#-C#-F#-A#-D#)


Bass tab included


Also included with your purchase is a link to receive a free download of the song "Chains" for you to practice along to. (Find the link at the bottom of the Guitar or Bass tab PDF)

I of the Obscene Guitar Tablature/Sheet Music